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There is a new date for the Mini Olympics! The Mini Olympics will now be held on Thursday, July 7th @ the Library from 3-4. This program is for grades 3rd-4th.

 Pete the Cat lost his shoes!

Pete lost one red, one blue, one brown and one white shoe somewhere around town and/or at the Library. Starting in June can you help us find them?

Here is how to begin –

  1. Starting in June look for the shoes using clues from Facebook.
  2. When you find a shoe do not take it!
  3. Come into the Library and let us know where you found the shoe and what color it is.
  4. Receive a prize!

One of the shoes may be hiding somewhere in the Library. Come and look but if you find it do not take it! Let us know where you found it, what color it is and you will receive a prize.


Shoe Clue

Red Shoe Clue: Pete heard birds in the library’s backyard and lost his shoe listening to their cool melody.


Blue Shoe Clue: Pete was slinking under and over the large print bookshelves and lost his shoe.


White Shoe Clue: Pete went to see Dr. Colbern at SL Animal Practice for his annual check-up and lost his shoe near the cat food!

(open every day but Wednesday till 5:00)


Brown Shoe Clue: Pete was taking his daily walk in the heat of the day and stopped to get a drink on Apollo Street. He took off his shoe to get cool and left it hanging.




 hoopla for kids!IMG_0166

hoopla now has a kids mode you can use as a discovery tool to find family-appropriate content. Movies, TV shows, music, audio-books, eBooks and comics for kid friendly fun!

All you need is a library card and a device for listening/viewing. Come into the library and ask about hoopla today.