This message is for the patrons that are working on Bookmark June 22-27th.

Go into the library and get the Super Hero Message Decoder.

Use your decoder to solve the Secret Super Hero Code!

ji mo   chi mo   chi ri ku   ta ki zu shi ka shi fu.

ari ka fu   chi ri ku   no ka ari ari mei mo shi te,   Ki   ta mo ru ku  chi mo  shi ku ka te!

fu mo do   mei ki to   Ka   ari do no ku shi   ri ku shi mo   ari chi ki mi me ku shi!



The 2015 Summer Reading Sponsors

Jill & Mike Burton


Bob & Deb Schwarz

Paragon Ag Advisors, LLC

Silver Lake Bank

Window Design Company

Thomas & Pam wolfley

Harold & Deidre Michael

Betty Kalcik

Cathy Newland

Matthew & Marlo Greenwood

Tatum Wende

Shannon & Teuka Kruger


Please call the library if you interested in donating; money, prizes, time and/or craft supplies.


The Craft supply list for this year’s Summer Reading:

washable ink pad

black construction paper

googly eyes

glow in the dark glue

glow in the dark paint

fluorescent paint

baby oil

small candy

broken electronics (toasters, phones, toys ect..)