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A Silver Lake library Book Review

Hello all! I am Charley, a gorgeous and sleek canine who lives with humans who love to read! I became curious and decided to dig into the books my family checked out from the SL Library and now I can’t sink my teeth into enough of them!

The leaves are falling and the squirrels need chasin! I love the weather in the fall. The rain has kept me in and I’ve been able to finish some really great books!

Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutkoski

The Winner’s Curse is about the country of Herrani that was invaded by the Valorian people who are warriors. Now the Herrani are the Valorian’s Slaves. Kestrel is a pampered Valorian, general’s daughter who’s chafing under the restrictions of her privileged position. With her love of music and an aversion to fighting, she’s not the best role model in a society of conquering warriors. Arin is a slave, Kestrel’s property, purchased during an outing with a friend. Kestrel discovers that Arin is handsome and very intelligent. Arin is put to work as a blacksmith for Kestrel’s father the general but Kestrel finds reasons to have Arin with her in town or at home. They forge an unlikely friendship that begins to buckle under the constraints of slavery, a planned revolution and a love for each other that they can not justify.

I enjoyed this book. I liked how Rutkoski developed her characters. They were easy to love and hate! I gave this book 4 bones out of 5.

The Ruby Red Trilogy by Kerstin Gier

The book Ruby Red introduces you to Gwyneth Shepherd a young high school student that was born into a gifted family. Her mother’s family carries a time travel gene and Gwyneth finds out she has inherited it. When she turns 16 years old she travels back in time into 18th century London! The story goes on from there when she returns to her own time and is set into a world of intrigue with a secret society of gentleman and one very handsome, young time traveler, Gideon. Will she lose her heart to Gideon or her life.

These books have it all, action, mystery, romance! I loved this series and give these books 5 bones out of 5.



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