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A Silver Lake library Book Review

Hello all! I am Charley, a gorgeous and sleek canine who lives with humans who love to read! I became curious and decided to dig into the books my family checked out from the SL Library and now I can’t sink my teeth into enough of them!

I love summer! Lots of outside time! I was digging under my favorite tree when I stumbled upon these books…

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I didn’t actually dig the books up they were left in the hammock above my digging spot. for those of you who are worried about dirt and books and the mix there of.

Lies Beneath by Anne Greenwood Brown

This book begins introducing the mermaid family Calder and his evil sisters. They kill humans and absorb their positive energy. Hmmm, kinda weird and definitely  creepy. Long ago a human man made a deal with their mother, if she would save his life he would give her his first born son. She made a promise to spare him but, before she got to the son the human man ran away with his family and the mermaid’s mother died. Now Calder and his sisters are always looking for the human man’s first born son who has become a man himself named Jason Hancock. Jason Hancock has a beautiful daughter named Lily. Calder and his sisters stumble across her and Calder is sent, by his sisters, to seduce her and get close to Jason so they can exact their vengeance. Thus, begins a story of forbidden love.

I didn’t love this book. I had a hard time connecting with the characters and felt the story was a bit confusing. I did love the part of the story where Calder saved the dog from drowning though! I am giving this book only 3 bones.

Pawn by Amee Carter

Kitty Doe is an orphan who has a choice to become a member of one of the most powerful families in the country or die.  If she chooses the family, she will be surgically altered to look exactly like the Prime Ministers daughter Lila, who was secretly murdered, given the assignment to stop a rebellion that was caused by Lila and may die in the process. Die now or die later? What a choice. This was one of the best dystopia novels I’ve ever read. It caught my attention from the first page and really made me think.

I loved it! I will be giving this novel 4 1/2 bones.



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