Winter Reading Challenge

Winter Reading Challenge

January 1st – January 31st

Registration starts December 1st

The Silver Lake Library is participating in a national Winter Reading Challenge hosted by Lerner Publishing. We are asking each patron to read at least 30 minutes a day and log it onto your Beanstack site. The libraries with the most minutes read receives book prizes and a visit from an author!

Use your computer, smartphone or tablet to log the minutes that you have read during the month of January

Sign-up for a Beanstack Account:

1. Go to  If you participated in the Summer Reading challenge on Beanstack DO NOT sign-up for a new account—skip to Register for Specific Challenges below

2. Click on Register an Individual or Family

3. It will ask you if you want to register yourself  or your child. If registering as a family, the parent should begin by clicking  I am Registering Myself.  Once complete, follow the prompts to add another adult or child.

5. To view and log under each family member’s name simply choose switch reader in the upper left corner of your home page after logging in.

6. Once registered, access your account by logging in to Beanstack using the username and password that you initially created.

Register for Specific Challenges:

App Use: Click the discover button at the bottom of the page and register for the Winter Reading Challenge: Read for a Better World

Website Use: The Winter Reading Challenge: Read for a Better World will be displayed on the home page. Register for challenge by clicking into the icon and “Join Challenge”.

Challenge Resources

Volunteer List

  • Silver Lake Public Library: 785-215-0676 or email
  • Community Food Bank @ United Methodist Church: 785-582-4714
  • Pick up trash around town.
  • Clear snow out of a neighbor’s driveway.
  • Go to a city council meeting to learn about our local government. Click here for dates and times

Volunteer List

  • Read a book out loud to someone you know.
  • Rake leaves for a neighbor.
  • Help a kid with their homework.
  • Help your neighbor with repairs around their home.
  • Help clean up at the United Methodist Church. For more information call: 785-582-4714
  • Volunteer with the United Methodist Church to help fill food sacks, January 6 at 6 p.m. @ Indian Creek Elementary School. Call the church for more information: 785-582-4714

Volunteer List

  • Volunteer to be a crossing guard (ages 18+ requires a background check) before and after school with the City of Silver Lake: 785-582-4280
  • Volunteer at the Community Food Bank from 8-10am on the first and third Saturdays at the United Methodist Church: 785-582-4714

How-to Videos

Sign-up for a Beanstack Account – App
Register for a Reading Challenge – App