2012-2014 Technology Plan

Current Inventory

The Library’s current tech inventory includes:

5 Public Access computers – 1 Dell new in 2011; 2 Macs new in 2009; 2 Dell more than 3 years old

1 Dell OPAC; 1 Dell staff work station; 1 HP staff workstation – all more than 3 years old; 1 Toshiba laptop for staff workstation

1 AWE computer – no Internet access

2 HP AIO copier/printer/fax

Century Link DSL & wireless Internet service, bandwidth 10mbps; T1 line

Telephone 1 line

Replacement Plan

2012 – replace 2 public access computers; include MS Office updates

2013 – replace 2 staff workstations; include MS Office updates

Enhancement Plan

2012 – Purchase and install EnvisionWare Computer management system

2012 – Investigate need for increasing bandwidth

2013 – Investigate leasing copier/printer

2014 – Purchase separate FAX machine and install separate phone line for FAX

2014 – add 2 additional Mac computers [2015 replace 2 older Macs]

Professional Development

The Silver Lake Library budget includes a line item for Continuing Education.  Library staff are encouraged to attend annual tech training events such as NEKLS Tech Day and Library Camp.  In addition, the annual staff in-service day will include tech training.   Staff will complete a Technology Proficiencies Checklist annually.  Training events will be geared toward filling the knowledge gaps.  A Basic Technology Proficiency requirement will be determined and each staff will be expected to meet that requirement.

Annual Evaluation

The Technology Plan will be evaluated annually along with the Library’s Strategic Plan.  Appropriate adjustments will be made to meet the changing needs of the community as well as the Library’s budget considerations.

Budget Commitments

The 2012 Budget includes $3,000 for Technology.  The Library estimates a $500 increase each year for Technology:  2013 = $3,500; 2014 = $ 4,000.  In addition, the library will consider technology enhancements as they plan for remodeling the library during the next three years.  Additional enhancements could include a projector and screen and a flat screen television for the proposed meeting room.

eBooks and eReaders will be included in the Collection Development line item.  Professional Development is a separate line item.