2nd Tuesday Book Discussion Group

Selections for 2015

The group meets @ the Library, 10 am on the 2nd Tuesday of each month unless otherwise noted.  Everyone welcome to attend.  Click on the book image to place hold with your NExpress account.

Selection for February 10:a death crooked creek

A Death at Crooked Creek: The Case of the Cowboy, the Cigarmaker, and the Love Letter by Marianne Wesson.  A 2014 Kansas Notable Book

One winter night in 1879, at a lonely Kansas campsite near Crooked Creek, a cowboy from Lawrence was shot to death. The case might have been soon forgotten- except for the $25,000 life insurance policies the cowboy had taken out shortly before his departure. The insurance companies refused to pay on the policies, claiming that the dead man was not John Hillmon, and the apparent widow, Sallie Hillmon, was forced to take them to court in a case that would reach the U.S. Supreme Court twice. The companies’ case rested on a crucial piece of evidence: a faded love letter written by a disappeared cigarmaker, declaring his intent to travel westward with a “man named Hillmon.” In A Death at Crooked Creek, Marianne Wesson re-examines the long-neglected evidence, recreating the court scenes that led to a significant ruling on the admissibility of hearsay evidence. This engaging and vividly imagined work combines the drama, intrigue, and emotion of excellent storytelling with cutting-edge forensic investigation techniques and legal theory.

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