Pete the Cat lost his shoes!

Pete lost one red, one blue, one brown and one white shoe somewhere around town and/or at the Library. Starting in June can you help us find them? Watch for the Shoe Clues!

Here is how to begin –

  1. Starting in June look for the shoes using clues from Facebook.
  2. When you find a shoe do not take it!
  3. Come into the Library and let us know where you found the shoe and what color it is.
  4. Receive a small prize!

Shoe Clue

Red Shoe Clue: Pete heard birds in the library’s backyard and lost his shoe listening to their cool melody.


Blue Shoe Clue: Pete was slinking under and over the large print bookshelves and lost his shoe.


White Shoe Clue: Pete went to see Dr. Colbern at SL Animal Practice for his annual check-up and lost his shoe near the cat food!

(open every day but Wednesday till 5:00)


Brown Shoe Clue: Pete was taking his daily walk in the heat of the day and stopped to get a drink on Apollo Street. He took off his shoe to get cool and left it hanging.




The Library has moved the nursery books to a more accessible shelves for toddlers to reach. We have also added a basket filled with board books for your children to browse through.

Come in and explore.   IMG_0554